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CBD and Driving: Can I Take CBD and Drive Safely?

Today's article topic is CBD and driving.

As we all know, CBD is becoming more and more popular among all layers of society.

Regardless of your age, there is a good chance you’ve tried this product. In fact, according to the latest studies, around 9% of people above 65 use cannabidiol on a constant basis.

These numbers could be even higher if potential customers were better informed. A lot of potential users believe that Cannabidiol is intoxicating.

There are also those who think that CBD and driving don’t go together. Lack of information and prejudice is the only thing that is holding back this incredible product.

If you do everything the right way, you shouldn’t have trouble using CBD while driving. There are some precautions you need to take, and certain things to be aware of, but the matter is pretty straightforward.

In this article, we will talk about safety when consuming CBD and driving, as well as everything you need to know about this amazing product.

Understanding CBD products

CBD or cannabidiol is one of the numerous substances present in hemp. You can also extract it from cannabis, although most companies rely on hemp during the manufacturing process.

Depending on cannabis product composition, it can be more or less safe. What do we mean by that?

The biggest issue with cannabidiol items is that they often have THC inside. This substance carries psychedelic properties and is the main reason why medical cannabis is still illegal in some parts of the world.

Products that have a high concentration of THC are regarded as intoxicating. Luckily, most countries have strict policies and classification of cannabis items, making it easier to determine what is safe and what is not.

Hemp CBD products are regarded as very safe. Given that hemp has a low concentration of THC and a high concentration of CBD, it is the ideal option for creating the products.

On the other hand, cannabis is much more volatile as it has a higher percentage of THC and can easily get you high. However, you can still create cannabis Cannabidiol products that adhere to all regulatory and legal rules.

Today, the governments of the world pay close attention to THC content within CBD products. For example, in the US, Cannabidiol items with THC content above 0.3% are illegal.

According to cannabis experts, you will be safe as long as the concentration is below this percentage. In other words, even cannabis CBD products can be safe as long as the manufacturer is paying attention to the allowed content. 

The type of product also determines whether CBD is safe for drivers. Below we'll answer all the common questions regarding CBD and driving so stick with us!

For example, full-spectrum CBD oil has various cannabinoids, including THC. Although the THC content is within allowed limits, in theory, you can still get high from it.

This is why a lot of people prefer using broad-spectrum oil, or isolates. Both of these items are devoid of THC making them completely safe, even if you were to use a high dosage.

CBD and driving: what do you need to know?

To finally answer your question, CBD products are completely safe for drivers. You don't have to worry about psychedelic effects, as long as the concentration is within allowed limits.

The only mistake you can make is overstepping the dosage. If you wish, you can use broad-spectrum CBD and isolates for additional safety.

In lots of countries, the Cannabidiol market is still not properly regulated. This also holds for the US.

So, even though CBD is completely safe in theory, there is a chance to stumble upon bad products. Some companies add various ingredients to their medical marijuana, which may have a major impact on your therapy.

Keep in mind that these are rare cases, but they still exist. This is why you always have to buy from reputable sources and check the label prior to consumption.

Besides THC, there is another major consideration when it comes to these products.

You see, CBD works well as a sedative. Most people use it before going to bed, as a treatment for insomnia. It can also be used to ailments such as anxiety and PTSD.

Although this is great for relieving stress and unwinding, it also leads to certain issues. Cannabidiol will quickly make you sleepy. In fact, you might feel so sleepy that you won't be able to perform normal actions.

Needless to say, this can be a major issue for individuals who are driving long distances. While this doesn't mean that you will fall asleep behind the wheel, it will definitely slow down your reaction, which can be disastrous in heavy traffic.

5 Best tips for driving under CBD influence

As already mentioned, using Cannabidiol isn’t really dangerous for drivers.

However, you need to be aware of the following 5 things when you're taking CBD and driving your vehicle:

  • Don't use CBD products with high THC concentration. If you feel as if your Cannabidiol product had excess THC, or if you start feeling funny, we suggest that you pull over and take a break. This will likely never happen, but just in case it does, take all the precautionary measures to stay safe.
  • Consider your current state. If you're under a lot of stress, and you're wired, you might even consider taking some CBD to relax. However, if you have low blood pressure, if you're tired or sleepy, Cannabidiol can create an adverse effect making you even sleepier.
  • Think about other substances that you introduced to your body. If you took a lot of coffee during the day, you probably wouldn't have any trouble using CBD. On the other hand, if you took green tea for relaxation or alcohol, this would increase the odds of getting sleepy. In these situations, it is recommended that you avoid the substance at all costs or leave the driving for some other day.
  • Tolerance is another thing that you need to consider. For example, people who smoke recreational marijuana all the time shouldn't have any issues processing CBD with high THC concentration even when they're driving. Keep in mind that products such as CBD oil are used in a certain dosage. You usually take a few drops, which is a negligible amount. On the other hand, if you are a bit older, if you’re a woman, child, or if you’re taking specific meds, Cannabidiol with high THC can pose a problem.
  • Try the substance beforehand. If you never used cannabidiol, make sure not to use CBD before driving. Instead, try it out several times, while being at home or some other safe environment. Avoid using CBD when driving until you learn more about the substance and its potential impact on your body. Once you get ahold of things, you will be able to use it in all circumstances. The same goes for whenever you use a new product, as different products may have a different impact.


CBD is a very safe and beneficial substance. This is precisely why various governments are stimulating the growth and development of the medical cannabis industry.

But, even if the substance has no impact on your brain, it can definitely affect your body. It works as a relaxant, especially in higher dosages.

This is why you'll have to try it out several times, in the safety of your home, before you start using CBD while driving your car.

Different people react to it differently. Some of us will not even notice it while others will have lots of trouble staying focused after consumption.

No matter what, make sure to take all the safety precautions ensuring that you’re not drowsy behind the wheel.

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