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What Does CBD Feel Like? Your Questions Answered

CBD is a wondrous substance that can help you with conditions such as insomnia, anxiety, PTSD, chronic pain, inflammations, etc.

Although it has an enormous upside, people are still worried about its impact on the body.

For example, they're interested to know what does CBD feels like? Does it make you high? What are the potential side effects?

In this article, we will answer some of these burning questions. Your safety is our priority, so we make sure that you have all the relevant information prior to making a purchase.

If you have any additional questions regarding medical cannabis, make sure to contact us!

CBD oil basics

Before we answer the question "what does CBD feel like" we need to talk about the substance itself.

CBD oil or cannabidiol oil is a substance that is extracted from the hemp and cannabis plant. It is much easier to buy hemp-based products than cannabis-based substances.

This is because cannabis manufacturers have much more leeway when growing hemp, then they do when growing cannabis.

Furthermore, hemp has a lower THC percentage (the psychedelic substance present in all cannabis subspecies), making it easier to process and use.

What does CBD do to you?

As already mentioned, cannabidiol can be used for various medical conditions. Keep in mind that the substance rarely treats the underlying issue, but it can do wonders for the symptoms.

For example, it cannot treat cancer, but it can relieve the pain that goes with it. CBD oil cannot eliminate the underlying issue causing muscle spasms, but it can reduce the number of seizures, and so on. 

CBD products rarely consist of just cannabidiol. The only exception is CBD isolate, which is tailor-made for individuals who just want this particular substance while also avoiding THC.

Medical cannabis products have various cannabinoids with the emphasis on cannabidiol. Besides this substance, they commonly possess CBC, CBG, THC, terpenes, and other valuable matters for our bodies.

The secret behind hemp lies in its plethora of substances. It creates a so-called "entourage effect."

Like with an optimal diet that consists of meat, dairy products, various fruits, and vegetables, CBD products focus on providing as much natural variety as possible. It ensures that our organism is getting all the ingredients that will make it hum.

All the studies have shown that medical marijuana products work best when you don't skip any substances. This also includes THC.

At the same time, the regulation prohibits US manufacturers from creating hemp products that have more than 0.3% THC. In other words, you will get the benefits from the substance while avoiding getting high.

This is very important for people who are battling serious conditions and cannot have their energy drained.

What does CBD feel like?

Keep in mind that different people have different biological systems.

Even if two individuals take exactly the same product, they might have a different experience. Nevertheless, there are certain sensations that will be felt by almost all users. 

CBD oil works like a tranquilizer. This is precisely why it is so effective for anxiety, PTSD, and insomnia. It creates a relaxing sensation.

Your whole body will become peaceful and relaxed. Once you take medicine, you will go to sleep almost immediately.

In that sense, it resembles a bit Cannabis Indica when it causes the "couch-lock" effect. You will sleep as you've never slept before.

So much so, that you will even feel groggy once you wake up. Users often say that once they wake up, they feel as if they could've slept an additional few hours. 

Not everyone will appreciate this feeling of relaxation and sleepiness. In fact, it might even cause issues if you're taking CBD oil prior to or during work hours.

This is why we recommend that you administer it in the evening. Given that we're all a little bit stress by the dynamic, modern lifestyle, almost anyone can benefit from this substance.

One thing that people often fail to mention is that CBD can increase longevity through proper sleep, reduction of stress, and improved wellbeing. Because of this, cannabidiol is becoming more and more popular as a daily supplement.

Keep in mind that most companies rely on organic hemp for manufacturing their CBD products. In other words, you will use a natural substance that will not harm you in the long-run.

What are the potential issues?

The best thing is that there aren't many side effects when using CBD oil. We can name drowsiness, but this is one of the main reasons why people use the substance in the first place.

However, people who have low pressure should definitely be careful. Another potential issue is using CBD and eating grapefruit. Lastly, we need to mention that certain drugs can lead to a volatile reaction.

If you intend to use cannabidiol for prolonged treatment, we suggest that you consult a medical professional beforehand. Perform a thorough analysis of your body, and make sure that you're not using any drugs which may interfere with the treatment.

Always remember that CBD is illegal if you're under 18 years old, but there are certain cases where kids and teenagers were able to control severe conditions by using medical marijuana.

We are still learning about the substance, so don't be surprised if it becomes legal for children a few years from now. 

In case you have any additional questions regarding CBD oil, or products in our store, make sure to contact us today!

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