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Best Time of Day to Take CBD Oil: Here's When It Is

CBD oil is very different from most traditional drugs.

Unlike other medicines that are used for one particular ailment, medical cannabis can be used for a wide variety of conditions. Because of that, it is sometimes hard to find the right dosage.

Another thing that most people are struggling with is figuring out when is the best time of day to take CBD oil. In order for the substance to reach maximum potency, you need to pay attention to things such as this.

There are lots of factors we need to consider when determining the optimal time for administering medical cannabis oil. In order to further expand your knowledge, we have created this awesome article that should provide some clarity.

Should I consult a doctor before administering a CBD oil treatment?

Although CBD oil is an over-the-counter product, and most people perceive it as a harmless supplement, you should still consult a doctor prior to use. Keep in mind that this substance is relatively new and unregulated, which is why there is a lot of false advertising out there.

Medical cannabis should help us with various things such as anxiety, inflammations, chronic pain, muscle spasms, certain mental issues, degenerative conditions, and so on.

CBD works by regulating our metabolic and immune processes. It affects endocannabinoid receptors in our bodies, which, in turn, normalize other things.

Given that the product is mostly perceived as safe, you probably won't have any issues while using it. Still, if you're using some other medication or if you have low blood pressure, certain problems may appear along the way.

The same goes for people who are driving or using heavy machinery. Depending on the type of CBD oil, you might even test positive during a regular drug test.

Because of all these things, it is much better to consult a doctor who will give you proper instructions, dosage, and tell you more about the potential conditions you can treat with this product.

How does CBD oil affect people?

CBD oil is made from either cannabis or hemp. As a result, it may have some similarities with marijuana for smoking.

The first thing worth noting is that cannabis oil can provide an overall sense of relaxation. It will make you calm and can also help with stress and insomnia.

Besides these things, the product can normalize a lot of processes within your organism. These benefits can vary based on dosage, sex, weight, and other factors. Keep in mind that our bodies are different and react differently to medication.

Although it is really easy to purchase CBD oil, that doesn't mean you should use it instead of prescribed drugs. In fact, most countries are still very conservative when it comes to this substance.

The truth is that we need a lot more studies, so we understand its potential benefits and drawbacks. In most cases, a doctor will recommend regular therapy for your ailment.

If everything else fails, they will give you CBD oil as a last-ditch effort. Of course, that doesn't necessarily mean that medical cannabis is worse than some other drugs; it is just that most people are yet unwilling to prescribe it as a part of regular therapy.

According to experts, the drug works by stimulating previously mentioned endocannabinoid receptors. This leads to cascades of homeostasis that restores the body to its optimal functionality.

These receptors have neurotransmitters and enzymes that are able to facilitate the process. What is even more important is that each organ is regulated separately; there is no clashing of functions or any type of misbalance during these steps.

Should I take CBD oil in the morning or in the evening?

Let’s finally answer the main question.

The first thing to mention is that CBD can perform a lot of different functions. Most companies sell it as a supplement, which is why you can take it preventively.

The potential benefits vary from body to body; some people will sense a major relief and improvement when using it while the others will barely feel its impact.

So, when is the best time of day to take CBD oil?

There isn’t a proper answer to this question. It all depends on your daily activities and a specific condition that you’re struggling with.

For example, if you need clarity, it might be better to take it in the morning. CBD oil works by slowly releasing energy in your body throughout the day.

It rarely has an instant effect, especially if you’re using it as an edible (it takes more time to react when you ingest it). So, if you have trouble waking up, or if you’re moody in the morning, perhaps CBD oil can help you out.

On the other hand, Cannabidiol also has amazing therapeutic properties. It is ideal for people who get stressed out during the day and need some sort of relief to go to bed.

This makes it ideal for insomnia, but also for the prevention of stress-related diseases. If you use the product in such a capacity, you can start the treatment just after finishing your work.

After prolonged usage, you should start feeling more relaxed even in the morning.

Does CBD oil make you sleepy?

People are often worried that CBD oil will make them sleepy. This is somewhat of a myth. The product doesn't actually make you sleepy; it makes you relaxed, thus helping you sleep.

Although this might not seem like a big difference, it is necessary to make a distinction. Due to this, you are able to use CBD oil during a day without having to worry that you will doze off.

If you do feel sleepy, this is probably because of the product's high THC content. This particular substance will make you drowsy. To make matters worse, it can also get you high.

But, we also need to mention that THC has its own unique set of benefits. If you buy a THC-free CBD oil, you won't have to worry about sleepiness or getting high.

Generally speaking, it is really hard to get high on CBD oil because most companies limit THC content to 0.3%. So, if you think that you got high off of medical cannabis, there is a chance that the company used more THC than it was advertised on the label.

Best time of day to take CBD oil for anxiety

A lot of patients use CBD oil to treat anxiety. Given what we’ve said about its relaxing, therapeutic properties, it makes sense that this substance would be great for such a condition.

Like with most other things related to medical marijuana, we still need more studies to learn about its impact on anxiety. Based on user experience and reviews, this product can provide an awesome relief whether you've used it for a few days or for a prolonged period of time.

Furthermore, a lot of doctors recommend medical cannabis for anxiety.

If you're suffering from this condition, we suggest that you take CBD oil in the morning. This would help you with any episode that may occur during the day.

Also, you can use the product selectively during periods when you're extra sensitive. As you get used to it, you will be able to tweak your dosage and perhaps use it a bit later during the day (if you're prone to episodes after work). 

Should you use CBD oil every night?

Another cause of concern is addictiveness. Let’s immediately put this one to rest: you can’t get hooked on medical marijuana, at least based on what we know so far.

The most problematic substance within the product is THC. Given that you’re limited in terms of its content, you can’t really get high while using it.

However, this is another thing that isn’t fully explored. While there is no proof that CBD is addictive in the short run, we still don’t know how it would work after several years of use.

Based on our current knowledge, you can use CBD oil every night. Just in case you want to feel extra safe, we recommend that you start with a smaller dosage and increase it as you see fit.

Like with any other drug or supplement, make sure not to abuse it and stop its use if you notice any adverse effects.

Can you get high or overdose on CBD?

Before you use CBD, make sure to check its THC content. Almost every regular medical cannabis product has a low THC percentage.

As such, it is categorized as non-toxic. In other words, you can get high on it, and you can’t overdose on it.

Still, this pertains to situations in which users are not abusing the product. Taking too much CBD oil at once may cause issues, but no one uses the substance in such a manner.

No matter what, make sure to check the label before use. Hemp-derived CBD products are always safe, while cannabis-derived items may have increased THC percentage.

If you’re extra cautious, you can also buy a THC-free product.

Does CBD energizes you or relax you?

Based on what we've mentioned previously, you're probably confused about whether CBD has a relaxing or energizing impact. In the end, these two don't go together. To be honest, this one is really hard to answer.

CBD can have a variable effect depending on the product and your biological organism. Some users have reported that it provided them with a boost of energy, while others claim that it made them relaxed.

Ideally, you should try a particular product and see how it works for you.

What’s the difference in CBD oils?

We also have to consider different types of oils when predicting their impact. Three main types of oils are full-spectrum CBD, broad-spectrum CBD, and isolates.

Full-spectrum CBD oil has all the substances as found in cannabis or hemp plant. They have more than 100 different cannabinoids, including CBD and THC. This makes them the most comprehensive of all the products on this list.

Broad-spectrum CBD oil has all the same substances except for THC. People often refer to broad-spectrum CBD as THC-free CBD. The item is ideal for all those who want to avoid the potential issues associated with THC.

Lastly, isolates are products that focus on one particular substance. You can use any cannabinoid to create and isolate but most people use CBD-based products.

How to take CBD oil?

There are two main ways to use CBD oil: topically and sublingually.

Topical use is great for chronic pain and inflammation, while sublingual is meant to deal with the internal issues.

Depending on your particular problem, you might have to choose one over another. 

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