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Can You Overdose on CBD? All Your Questions Answered!

A lot of people are skeptical when it comes to CBD or cannabidiol. Given that this substance is extracted either from hemp or cannabis, potential consumers are worried about how it would affect them.

We have this false perception that cannabis is a gateway drug and that it cannot be used in any other way. The same goes for overdosing with CBD oil.

Like with any other prejudice, it takes time and solid evidence for people to change their options when it comes to CBD and overdose.

Can you overdose on CBD?

One of the questions that we get quite often is whether or not you can overdose on CBD oil. 

The simple answer to this question would be no, but there are additional things we need to take into consideration.

It is very important to administer cannabidiol properly, and if you notice any contraindications, you should contact your doctor immediately. Keep in mind that the US cannabis market is still not properly regulated.

There are lots of different products out there, and some companies have very dubious commercial strategies.

In order to build a bridge of trust, our CBD company focuses on educating its potential customers. For us, the most important thing is that you're safe and that our product can help without jeopardizing your wellbeing. 

In this article, we will analyze whether or not you can overdose on CBD, and what are the potential issues when using this substance. Read on!

How does CBD work?

We are taught by our family and the society that marijuana is a bad thing.

While we cannot neglect that this plant can get you high (and even lead to some horrible situations), we need to change our perspective.

Like any other plant, cannabis and hemp can be used for various positive things.

Furthermore, if you are able to extract the psychedelic substance known as THC, the plant is fairly safe for consumption. You can even use it as a substitute for popular green vegetables.

Most CBD products are made from hemp. This plant belongs to the cannabis family, and it has lots of similar traits like cannabis. But, the main difference is that hemp is low on THC.

Because of that, it is much easier to make medical cannabis products out of it. Of course, that doesn't mean you cannot use cannabis for these items. 

The US government regulates CBD products by limiting their THC content. So, whether it's made from hemp or cannabis, cannabidiol purchased in the USA should be fairly safe for human use.

There were a lot of cases where underage children use it for treatment of some very serious conditions (although the substance is illegal for underage). 

CBD stimulates endocannabinoid receptors in our body, thus regulating various internal processes. Some scientists believe that the substance works like a supplement, while others believe it works like a stimulant.

It is one of the numerous things we're still not certain about, but future research should help resolve this question as well.

Cannabidiol is full of beneficial cannabinoids; the plant has more than 200 different substances, including vitamins, minerals, and omega fatty acids.

This natural variation is the main reason why medical marijuana can be used to treat so many different conditions.

People regularly use it for insomnia, chronic pain, anxiety, PTSD, but there are some indications that it can also be used for muscle spasms and related conditions, brain degeneration, and heart protection.

What are the potential drawbacks of CBD products?

There are lots of different things you need to consider before using cannabidiol-based items.

There are many factors that would make a product safe or potentially hazardous. Luckily, even if you encounter side effects, they are likely manageable.

First and foremost, you should always buy products from reputable sources. Some companies are using bad cannabis extraction methods that would endanger your health.

We always recommend that products where CBD is procured through CO2 extraction. You should also pay attention to content. Make sure to buy items that have all the necessary cannabinoids while not having too much THC.

In a report from 2017, the World Health Organization classifies CBD as a generally well-tolerated with a good safety profile.

According to the same report, cannabidiol doesn’t cause any dependence. But, that doesn’t mean you will never encounter any issues.

According to the users, the experience you have depends on the dosage you take.

If you take higher dosages, you might experience issues such as drowsiness, issues with appetite or even diarrhea, fatigue, vomiting, and in extreme cases, problems with your liver.

CBD has a sedative effect, which is why it is so great for conditions like insomnia and anxiety. Of course, if you're using the drug for chronic pain, you don't necessarily want to feel sleepy when taking hemp oil

Perhaps the biggest advantage of CBD products is that they're much safer than alternative drugs. Most cannabis companies rely on organic hemp for their items, which is much better than relying on artificially-produced substances.

Unfortunately, as it is right now, a lot of governments are still employing a strategy where they combine traditional drugs with cannabidiol.

Furthermore, the doctors will not prescribe CBD unless it's a last-ditch effort for your particular conditions. This means that a lot of patients will receive their therapy when it's too late, or after ingesting enormous quantities of artificial drugs. 

How does cannabidiol affect pets? Can they overdose on CBD?

Nowadays, CBD companies offer various products aimed at pets. In fact, cannabis pet products are the fastest-growing cannabis sector.

Before you buy this substance, you're probably wondering whether your pet can overdose on CBD. Unlike human patients, we have very limited information regarding cannabidiol and pets.

It makes it even harder when you consider that it's really hard to diagnose animals or to tell if they're feeling bad after using the drug.

Most of the evidence is not clinical evidence, but instead, testimonials from pet owners. Some of them claim that CBD is great for their pet's appetite and heart health.

There are also a lot of claims that these products can be used for inflammations, anxiety, nausea, etc.

We tend to believe that CBD works similarly for pets as it does for humans, however, we still lack definitive evidence that would back up these presumptions. 

If you want to stay on the safe side when it comes to CBD dosage, we suggest that you start by giving your pet a smaller dosage. Monitor its behavior and potential side effects that come with.

If you notice anything out of the ordinary, we suggest that you stop the treatment in order to prevent a potential overdosing with CBD. You can also consult your veterinary as an additional precautionary measure.


Don’t be swayed by all the negative things that people say about CBD. Most of these claims are based on prejudice and fear.

If you wish to know more about the substance, it is best if you try it yourself. The item is very safe, and the majority of users apply it as a supplement.

Nevertheless, we still suggest some precautions beforehand. Talk with your doctor, mention your medical history, and based on that, see for yourself whether or not this is the right thing for you.

CBD is legal in almost every American state, and you shouldn’t have any trouble buying it.

If you have any questions regarding CBD overdosing, side effects, and how cannabidiol would work in your particular case, make sure to contact us today!

We can also suggest some products that we believe would work for you.

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