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Do You Have to Be 18 to Buy CBD? The Truth About CBD Products

Cannabis has always been a sensitive topic.

Commonly presented as a "gateway drug," we've finally figured out there is more to this plant than it meets the eye.

By performing numerous studies, we realized that marijuana could also be used for various medical conditions. Suddenly, a plant that was illegal until recently can now be used for something good.

But, that also posed certain moral questions.

How Old Do You Have to Be To Buy CBD?

One of these moral questions is "do you have to be 18 to buy CBD?"

Keep in mind that, while most CBD products are used for medical purposes, they also have limited amounts of THC. THC is a psychedelic substance that makes you "high" when you ingest it. 

While smaller traces of the substance probably wouldn't harm teenagers, they might cause issues for younger kids. This is why countries such as the US are now debating whether or you have to be 18 to buy CBD. 

But, before we analyze this complex question, it is important to mention a thing or two about CBD or cannabidiol.

Check it out!

What is CBD or medical marijuana?

CBD, cannabidiol, medical marijuana, and medical cannabis all refer to one and the same thing – a substance that is found in the cannabis plant.

Cannabis has more than 100 different active ingredients. As previously mentioned, THC is the psychoactive substance and the main reason why people smoke weed. There is also CBD or cannabidiol, a substance that carries various medical properties.

Unlike THC, CBD is completely safe. To our knowledge, it doesn't cause any issues or major side effects. However, that doesn't mean you can use any quantity.

Like with any other medicine, you shouldn't overdo it with the dosage. We always recommend that you visit a marijuana doctor prior to administering any kind of therapy. 

CBD has a sedative effect. This makes it really effective for conditions such as insomnia, anxiety, PTSD, but it will also make your drowsy, and it might affect your blood pressure.

In that sense, it is very similar to Indica cannabis.

How does CBD affect us?

As already mentioned, CBD products have a sedative effect. But, saying that it’s a sedative would be an understatement.

The drug can be used for various conditions such as chronic pain, muscle spasms, certain degenerative conditions, inflammations, specific mental issues, etc.

When administered, CBD products react with our endocannabinoid system. The product works like a supplement, and it is especially great for people who are unable to generate enough endocannabinoids by themselves.

By boosting the substance’s levels, we are able to restore our body to its natural state. This is one of the reasons why cannabidiol is safe; it doesn’t introduce foreign bodies, but instead, it provides additional substances that we’re lacking.

Thus, our body is able to recognize it as a natural, organic substance that belongs.

CBD can be used for various ailments. At this point, it is mostly used for chronic pain by patients who are doing chemotherapy.

There are good indications that the drug will be used for numerous other ailments in the future, but we require more research to be certain that CBD doesn't cause long-term effects.

Oftentimes, cannabis companies present CBD as this miracle cure. While the drug has its merits, you need to be careful when using it.

In most cases, cannabidiol doesn’t treat the underlying issue, but instead, it only deals with the symptoms. It is usually prescribed together with traditional medication.

Do you have to be 18 to buy CBD?

The simple answer to these questions is yes. However, there were a lot of situations where underage, even small children, used CBD products.

In some of these cases, CBD provided much-needed relief, and it was able to help kids with some severe chronic conditions.

The first thing that needs to be considered is whether CBD product is made from cannabis or hemp. Cannabis items usually have much higher THC content.

If you’re underage, we always suggest that you stick with hemp-derived substances, as they are much safer in terms of THC quantity. It is also much better to buy CBD products from reputable sources.

Keep in mind that the US cannabis market still has its flaws. Because of that, some companies are able to sell products with low CBD concentration or to put unnecessary ingredients.

According to US federal law, you have to be at least 21 years old to enter a marijuana dispensary. So, if you're underrated, you can't even have access to the substance.

Things are a bit different when it comes to online shops. The majority of web stores have a policy that they won't serve people who are below 18.

Furthermore, there is usually a digital checkpoint where you have to acknowledge that you're above 18 years old in order to access a website's content.

Top-tier cannabis web companies are even more diligent. They have a series of checks confirming that you're of legal age. 

Always remember that this is just the current state of things. Policies may change drastically in the future if scientists determine that cannabis is safe for teenagers and kids.

Luckily, since hemp was legalized in 2018, we have many more studies. 

Additional considerations for underage users

Potential underage users need to consider several things before trying CBD products.

Using medical cannabis can be tricky, as there are a lot of different hoops, you need to go through beforehand. It is even more complex for young kids and teenagers.

If you’re an underage person who would like to try medical marijuana, here are some things you need to do beforehand:

  • Consult with your parents if you're under 18 years old

While medical marijuana therapy is probably safe (based on our current knowledge), you should still consult your parents before making any moves. They can give you the proper advice, and help you find an alternative therapy if there is one

  • Consult with a doctor

Medical marijuana can be used for a certain set of conditions. There is a lot of misinformation on the web, so it is best to consult a person who is proficient enough in the matter. Although underage individuals still can't get to CBD, that doesn't mean that the rules will not change

  • Buy from reputable sources

Given the lack of regulation, there are a lot of companies selling bad CBD products, or such with low CBD content. Make sure to do proper research before using a product. This can save you a lot of time, money, and it is also a safer way to go about things

In conclusion

Hopefully, now you know the answer to the question "do you have to be 18 to buy CBD". 

However, if you have any additional questions regarding medical marijuana, and potential limitations, make sure to contact us!

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