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Where Does CBD Come From? CBD vs Cannabis vs Hemp Comparison

Most people don't realize this but CBD can be made from two different plants: industrial hemp and cannabis.

Although both of these belong to the same cannabis family, they have very peculiar traits.

Furthermore, CBD products are made from hemp and very different from CBD products made from cannabis.

In this article, we will discuss where does CBD come from, and what are the main differences between hemp-based and cannabis-based items. Check it out!

Where does CBD come from?

CBD or cannabidiol is a substance that has amazing medical properties. This group of products is often called "medical cannabis" or "medical marijuana."

But, it isn't marijuana per se. Instead, it only represents extracts that we get from the plant. Medical cannabis can also refer to CBD products made from hemp.

The cannabis plant has more than 100 different, active ingredients. CBD, together with THC, is considered as one of the most potent substances found within.

What are cannabinoids?

CBD belongs to a group of cannabinoids and is often portrayed as a matter with powerful sedative and medical properties.

But, it doesn't work by itself. In fact, most experts recommend that you use don't skip other cannabinoids during the treatment. This is why we need to make another distinction.

CBD oils can be categorized as full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and isolates. Full-spectrum is a product that has all possible cannabinoids. This creates an "entourage effect."

When ingested together, all these cannabinoids are easier to process by the human body, thus producing a better impact.

Broad-spectrum products have all the cannabinoids minus THC. THC is a psychedelic substance that causes euphoria. Although most CBD products have a very low concentration of THC, some consumers prefer avoiding it altogether.

Lastly, we have isolates that only focus on CBD without having any other substances.

Today, most CBD products are made from hemp. This plant is much better for growing, and it doesn’t have THC.

This means that the producers are less likely to abuse it, and as a result, hemp usually has a preferential treatment compared to cannabis. Of course, you can also make CBD products from regular cannabis.

What is the cannabis plant?

We differentiate two types of cannabis plants: Cannabis Indica and Cannabis Sativa.

Cannabis Sativa has euphoric properties. It is an "upper," and people use it almost like a party drug. Cannabis Indica is relaxing, and it can be great for unwinding.

Cannabis is often called marijuana. This is a term invented by certain US government officials meant to present cannabis as a foreign drug.

In time, the term caught up globally, and most people refer to cannabis as either marijuana or weed.

What is hemp?

Hemp is usually referred to as an industrial plant. You can make all sorts of great products out of it. In the last few years, however, a lot of entrepreneurs started growing hemp in order to extract CBD out of it.

Hemp is an outdoor plant that rises up to 4 meters in height. You can utilize almost every part of the plant, including seeds, flowers, and stalks. In this particular case, we are most interested in flowers as the source of cannabidiol.

The plant has a very high concentration of CBD with minimal THC. This makes it ideal for consumers who want all the medical benefits without the risk of getting high.

Is CBD legal?

CBD may or may not be legal in your country. It all depends.

Countries such as Australia and the US have made major strides towards CBD legalization. As already mentioned, it is much easier to rely on hemp than it is on cannabis.

Due to its high THC concentration, the cannabis plant is closely monitored. It is also much easier to get the necessary permits for hemp.

If you want to use medical marijuana products, it is best to get informed beforehand. Consulting a doctor or a cannabis professional is also important because of the dosage.

Like any other substance, you shouldn't overdo it with CBD. The substance also has a limited effect; it may be great for certain conditions and symptoms while being completely useless for others.

Keep in mind that CBD is usually illegal for minors. However, this might also change in the near future. There were numerous cases where kids with severe medical ailments were successfully treated with medical cannabis.

But, you cannot get it that easily. Instead, your child needs to be a part of a special program or test group.

You can also buy medical marijuana illegally through various online shops. In this case, the product is being concealed with some other items so that the customs don't penalize you. 

What’s the difference between CBD made from hemp and cannabis?

  1. The content

As already mentioned, you have 3 different product types. Most companies focus on full-spectrum CBD. And here is where the main difference between the two products. THC content found in hemp usually doesn’t exceed 0.3%. This makes it completely safe for use. On the other hand, THC content found in the cannabis plant ranges from 5% to 30%. So, you can easily get high by using it.

  1. Overall impact

You should always be wary of THC found in cannabis. However, both cannabis-derived and hemp-derived CBD have their advantages and flaws. Each one of them can treat different types of conditions, given that their structure is a bit different. If you have a specific issue, it is best to consult a medical practitioner and see which product is better for you.

  1. Accessibility

Products made from hemp are usually much more accessible. You can find them almost anywhere nowadays. On the other hand, you can find cannabis-based CBD only in specialized dispensaries.

Is CBD safe?

Cannabidiol is generally regarded as a very safe substance. If you have issues with anything, it will likely be due to THC.

However, CBD does have a psychoactive impact on our minds. It is sedative, which makes it harder for people to drive vehicles and operate heavy machinery after using it.

You might get drowsy really quickly, which is why doctors recommend that you use it in the evening.

You might also encounter some other issues. For example, the substance is not ideal for people with low blood pressure. It can also cause issues if you're using some other drugs.

Anyway, most of these potential problems can be circumvented if you have to go to a doctor's office prior to using CBD.


Now you know all the answers to the question "where does CBC come from?"

If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us and we'd be happy to help. Our customer support is second to none!

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