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What is the Right CBD Dosage? 

Since CBD is not yet regulated by the FDA, there is no “certain” recommended dosage set (yet). However, researchers have recommended dosages that may produce therapeutic effects for individuals. 

The right CBD dosage really depends on a couple factors: your body weight, type of CBD, quality of CBD, administration method, your metabolism, and the frequency that you take it. 

1. CBD and Your Body Weight 

As you can guess, some individuals weigh more than others and may need a higher dose of CBD to feel its effects. Same may go for smaller individuals needing a lighter dose of CBD to feel its effects.

In a general sense, “low and slow” is a great approach to starting your CBD dosage.  

2. Type of CBD 

The type of CBD you choose to use may have a lot to do with which dosage to take. Not all CBD products and dosages are equal. Thus, dosage may vary depending on the type of CBD you choose to use. 

For instance, if you’re trying a CBD topical product, such as our Body Butter, the dosage may not necessarily be a specific milligram recommendation. The recommended dose may be 2 swipes across the chosen area or surface or a dollop of CBD lotion rubbed thoroughly over the area. 

If you’re wanting to try a CBD tincture oil, such as our 500mg Isolate Oil, the recommended dosage may be more direct and numeric. For example, we recommend taking 1 full dropper (1.0 mL) of CBD oil sublingually, holding it in your mouth for 90 seconds. 

Again, CBD is not yet FDA approved, so CBD dosages are not examined or yet finitely defined. We recommend starting with a low dosage and increase from there, if needed.

3. Quality of CBD

The quality of your CBD is so important! A lower quality CBD may equate a lower CBD concentration, thus, you may need to take a higher CBD dosage to feel its effects. 

If you have a high quality CBD product, such as our 1000mg Full Spectrum Oil, you may receive a higher potency of CBD, thus, you may not need to take as high of a dose to feel the beautiful effects sooner. 

This may not always be the case, but the quality of your CBD shouldn’t be something you compromise when searching for a CBD product. 

You should be able to ask the company for a certificate of analysis - this will show you each and every compound in the CBD oil as well as the concentrate amount of CBD. 

4. Administration Method of CBD

Like I mentioned above, different types of CBD will have different administration methods and doses recommended. 

If you are taking an oral CBD capsule, such as our 750mg Isolate Gel Caps, we recommend taking one softgel per day, which contains 25 mg of high-quality CBD.

If you take CBD sublingually, topically, or orally, just note that your method of taking CBD may change the dose you need/desire. 

5. Your Metabolism and CBD

Your metabolism plays a big part in how your CBD dosage may affect you. For instance, if you typically have a fast metabolism, you may feel the effects of CBD faster. Also, your metabolism may affect how intensely you feel the effects of the CBD. 

If you are sensitive to medications or trying new supplements, take knowing that into consideration when deciding on your CBD dosage.

6. Frequency of Taking CBD Matters

How frequently you take or want to take CBD does make a difference with it comes to your CBD dosage. 

If you are frequently taking CBD you may need to increase your dosage over time, as you may need more CBD over time to feel the great effects. 

What is the Right CBD Dosage?

There isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ approach here. Your CBD dosage depends on you and what your goals are. We highly recommend talking with your healthcare provider prior to starting a CBD regime. 

We recommend starting with 5 - 10 mg of CBD per day. Typically, the CBD product will have a recommended dose on the label. 

Even if the recommended dose isn’t labeled with specific mg measurements, they may say “take one full dropper” or “take one CBD capsule” or “apply one swipe of CBD topical”. 

Again, consult your physician about your CBD dosage prior to starting any. 

What the Research Says: CBD Dosage

2019 systematic review reported that there was a significant improvement in anxiety and psychotic symptoms, with dosing ranging between < 1 and 50 mg/kg/day. 

This systematic review contained 23 studies, highlighting the CBD potential for a wide range of activity in several pathologies. 

Another systematic review, published in March 2020, found that CBD doses of 5 - 1,000 mg single dose per day supported a positive effect for social anxiety disorder, psychotic disorders, and substance use disorders. 

Overall, this study demonstrated that CBD administration was well tolerated with minimal to mild side effects.