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FAQs and answers

Q: “What are the benefits of CBD?"

A: Wish we could answer that, but the US Food and Drug Administration currently prohibits all manufacturers of dietary supplements from making any claims about the ability of their products to treat specific health conditions. 

Q: “Will CBD help me?"

A: You decide. See what our customers have to say. Click here to view testimonials. 

Q: “Is CBD legal in my state?"

A: Industrial hemp-derived CBD oil is legal at the federal level. We mention ‘hemp-derived’ because you can also get CBD from marijuana. CBD has the same effects no matter where it comes from. Industrial hemp is described by the 2018 Farm Bill as having less than 0.3% THC, which is the compound that produces the high associated with marijuana. CBD is non-intoxicating, and will not generate a high.

As of April 2019, there are only three states with restrictions on all cannabis and cannabis-derived products. These are Idaho, Nebraska, and South Dakota. Even though hemp is likely to become more accessible in these places soon, if you are in one of these states, it is crucial that you know how hemp-derived CBD extracts are treated.

Q: “Do I need a prescription or medical card to order CBD?"

A: No, you don't require a prescription or medical card to order our products!

Q: “Will it get me high? Does it contain THC?"

A: No. CBD is the non-psychoactive component of the cannabis hemp plant. Although it may contain some trace amounts of THC, the psychoactive component, CBD cannot get you high. 

​Q: "What if I take a lot of it all at once? Then will it get me high?"

A: No, it won’t. And we don’t recommend that.

​Q: "Can I overdose on CBD?"

A: No, cannabinoids are non-toxic. While everyone's tolerance is different, we recommend starting with a small amount and observing the results; increase or decrease the dose from there.

​Q: "Will I fail a drug test after consuming CBD?"

A: No. Although many CBD-based products contain trace amounts of THC, drug tests will not detect such low levels.

​Q: "Are there any known allergens?"

A: Some people may react negatively to CBD. Symptoms of an allergic reaction include, but not limited to, itchy throat, dry cough, congestion, runny nose, sneezing, red or itchy or watery eyes, and nausea. Allergic persons handling the substance may experience red or inflamed skin, or hives.

Q: “Are your CBD products GMO?"

A: No, our products are not derived from genetically modified crop.

Q: "What is the shelf-life and how should I store it?"

A: It varies by product, but the average shelf life is between 12 - 24 months - depending on how you store it. We recommend that you store your CBD oil in cool, dark, and dry places. Exposure to extremely high or low temperatures will reduce the shelf life. Storage in the refrigerator is acceptable.

Q: "Will it interact with other medications?"

A: Any drug could potentially interact with CBD. For this reason, please consult with your physician before supplementing. CBD will temporarily deactivate cytochrome P450 enzymes, subsequently altering how we metabolize a wide range of compounds. Cytochrome P450 enzymes metabolize more than 60 percent of pharmaceuticals.

​Q: "When can I expect to experience results?"

A: It depends on how you consume it. Through inhalation, effects can be felt within a few minutes. The onset effects of orally administered CBD take longer (30 minutes or so).

​Q: "How long do the effects last?"

A: Typically a few hours, but it all depends on the size and frequency of the dose. Follow the directions on the product label.

Q: "Can I consume CBD if I'm pregnant?"

A: If you're pregnant, consult with your doctor before supplementing with CBD. Many women report that they use CBD oil during pregnancy in order to reduce pregnancy-related nausea.

Q: “Why is there so much confusion regarding the legality of CBD?"

A: Hemp and marijuana In June 2018, the FDA approved the first ever plant-based marijuana pharmaceutical product called Epidiolex® which was developed by GW Pharmaceuticals to treat juvenile epilepsy.  As a result of this event, the DEA rescheduled all FDA-approved CBD products off the Schedule 1 list.  In the FDA’s view, since CBD has been approved as an active ingredient in a pharmaceutical drug it therefore is subject to the FDA’s oversight and approval process.  The confusion lies in the interpretation of whether these recent reforms apply to CBD derived from industrial hemp or CBD derived from marijuana which is the strain used to manufacture Epidiolex®. 

Q: "Where do you ship?"

A: We ship nationwide. Unfortunately, we do no ship outside of the United States.

Q: "How long does it take to ship?"

A: We fill orders within 48 hours. Delivery typically takes 3-5 days. 

Q: "Can I track my shipment?"

A: Yes! We will send you tracking information once the order has been picked-up by the carrier. 

Q: "What if my product arrives damaged or doesn't arrive at all?"

A: Please email us with your order number and we will investigate. If the product is damaged, please send us a photo and we will ship you a new product right away!